Equal Access Health Outcomes and Quality Improvement Research Team

Welcome to the Equal Access research team! The goals of our team are

  • To conduct research projects to improve the quality of the healthcare that we deliver to our patients, and the training that our health professional students receive
  • To document the impact that our free clinics have on the health of our patients, and the training of our health-professional students.
  • To disseminate our results through peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations.

These goals work in conjunction to improve the health of our patients, to improve the training received by our health-professional students, and ultimately to allow other student-run free clinics and medical schools to benefit from our work through publication of our findings.

EAC Research Director – Linsey Palm

HOQI Chair of Research and Metrics – Kevin Chacko



If you are interested in doing research at Equal Access and would like our help being matched to an ongoing project, please fill out the following form.

EAC Research Matching Form –

In addition, below is the active EAC Project Tracker. Feel free to use this list of active EAC research projects to reach out and contact project leaders on your own.

EAC Research Project Tracker –

If you are Interested in starting your own EAC research project, start by creating a project charter (mock project charter listed below). Please fill out as much of the project charter as you can, and then send this to Hunter and Ajay (emails above). We will help you fill in the missing information and can provide assistance and guidance with launching your research project.

Mock Project Charter –