Prenatal Night

Here’s everything you need to know about our Prenatal Night:


In the Spring 2021, Tori Finley (Class of 2021) organized a small group of motivated students and physicians to form EACN’s first Prenatal Clinic. Her aim was to reach the 40-50 women that deliver at Shands Hospital annually without any prenatal care. Together, this group of students applied for and were awarded a $90,000 three year grant to establish the clinic. Tori handed off her planning and responsibilities to Nathan Burke (Class of 2022). Nathan, Michelle McCraw (Class of 2022) and Dr. Reem Abu-Rustum (UF Department of OBGYN) continued Tori’s efforts and successfully hosted the first clinic in August 2021. As of May 2022, the clinic has helped triage and treat nearly 30 patients and has followed 6 patients to uncomplicated, term deliveries.


Who to refer:

  • Patients with confirmed pregnancy by urine pregnancy test


  • Periodically. Check EACN clinic calendar for next clinic date.  *Date varies by attending availability*


  • UF Health Family Medicine Clinic- Main St.

How to refer:

  • Appointments are required and may ONLY be made by PRENATAL NIGHT OFFICERS
  • Referrals can be submitted via the Clinic Navigator



  • Prenatal Night Director: Sanaz Dovell (Class of 2023)
  • Senior Coordinator: Caroline King (Class of 2023)
  • Prenatal Night Attendings: Reem Abu-Rustum, M.D.; Erica Smith, M.D.
  • Co-Prenatal Night Officers: Krystal Stennet (Class of 2024) and Amy Stanley (Class of 2025)

Patient Eligibility and Referral

  • Pregnant, uninsured, and ideally Alachua county residents
    • We take non-Alachua county residents as well.

How are appointments made


  • Requests for appointments should be made via the Clinic Navigator or by contacting us via phone/email. We will determine patients eligibility for clinic. Our waitlist is currently 4-8 weeks.

Services Offered

  • Routine prenatal care including laboratory testing, genetic testing, and point of care ultrasound with limited anatomy scans as indicated.
  • Assistance enrolling in: prenatal medicaid, financial assistance plan at Shands
  • Maternal postpartum care kit including nursing bras, breast pump, car seats, diapers, and more.

What if my patient needs something not offered above?

  • Check the resource guide on officer manual for obstetrics resources in Alachua county
  • Reach out to prenatal call phone or email with any questions

Contact Information

  • Prenatal Night Call Phone: 352-284-9921 (M-F, 7a-5p for patients). Anytime for volunteers referring