Mission & Vision

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Providing Quality Comprehensive Healthcare For All

Our vision is to improve the physical, mental and social well-being of all, by enhancing access to high-quality, comprehensive, patient-centered care and by facilitating community-level action.


  1. To achieve this vision, we will maintain a network of interdisciplinary student-run free clinics that provide health care services, patient education and linkage to community resources.
  2. To ensure high quality care, we endeavor to engage in continuous quality improvement which will include research, strategic planning and interactive networking.
  3. To ensure comprehensive care, we endeavor to foster interdisciplinary communication and service provision across the spectrum of health services. This includes partnering with students and faculty from diverse University disciplines and strengthening ties with a broad spectrum of community agencies.
  4. To ensure patient-centered care, we endeavor to seek feedback clinic patients and engage in meaningful and empowering conversations with our community’s underserved.
  5. To facilitate community level action, we endeavor to provide outreach services and promote health advocacy, uniting with our partners for system-level change.
  6. To promote student leadership development and quality educational opportunities in underserved medicine, we endeavor to provide service learning experiences to students of all health disciplines and promote the importance of student-run initiatives that improve the health of our community.

In all these endeavors, we resolve to provide unwavering dedication.