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  • The Equal Access Clinic Network was built by and is run by the extraordinary work of our many volunteers since the idea hatched in 1988 and our doors opened in 1992. We grateful to everyone who helps us achieve our vision to improve the physical, mental and social well-being of all, by enhancing access to high-quality, comprehensive, patient-centered care and by facilitating community-level action.
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The application for the EACN Psychiatry Clinic Coordinator position is now open! Deadline for applications is July 29th, 2022 at midnight.

EACN Psychiatry Clinic Coordinator

The Psychiatry Clinic Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating practical elements of a once-monthly EACN Psychiatry Clinic. Responsibilities include reviewing referrals from EACN primary care clinic sites, working with undergraduate EACN volunteers to schedule patients, recruiting and scheduling attending and resident physician volunteers, managing psychiatry clinic flow, and communicating as needed with Eastside primary care officers. Applicants should ideally have completed the required third year psychiatry clerkship and be considering a career in psychiatry.
Current Year of Education:
Have you completed the required third year psychiatry clerkship?