Welcome to Equal Access Clinic Network’s Pediatrics page! This page is geared towards providing healthcare-related information for children and their caretakers.

If you need further assistance, you may contact the EACN Pediatrics Clinic by emailing:

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School Board updates regarding back to school in Alachua County

Gainesville Pediatric Providers

Pediatric Practice Address Phone Number Does this practice accept Medicaid health insurance? All other health insurance plans accepted Cost of a doctor’s visit if uninsured Telehealth services offered? Accepting new patients at this time?
Benton Pediatrics 5612 NW 43rd St. 32653 376-4542 Yes BCBS, Aetna, Avmed, United Healthcare It depends on the visit type, prices starting at $60 Yes Yes
UF Health Eastside Clinic, Dr. Kim Nguyen 265-7017 Yes BCBS, Aetna, United Healthcare, accept most major health insurace plans May be fully covered through the UF Health Financial Assistance Program. Price is dependent on what is needed. Call ahead to see if your child may be eligible. Yes for returning patients No
UF Health Pediatrics Practices in Gainesville: CMS, Magnolia Parke, Tower Square, Tioga CMS: 334-0206     Mag Parke: 594-7337 Tower Sq: 733-1770 Tioga: 733-7337 Yes Most major health insurance plans accepted May be fully covered through the UF Health Financial Assistance Program. Price is dependent on what is needed. Call ahead to see if your child may be eligible. Yes for returning patients Please call the office to inquire
Gainesville Pediatric Medicine 1131 NW 64 Terrace, Ste B 332-9940 Yes Most commercial insurances (PTO) New patient visits start at $100 (not including tests) No Yes
Little Pine Pediatrics 15551 NW 441, Ste 40 386-518-0102 Yes CMS, Aetna, Wellcare, UHC, Simply Health, Humana, Lighthouse $115.85 self-pay for first visit Yes Yes
Pediatric Associates 6440 W. Newberry Road, Suite 402, 32605 333-5500 No All commercial insurances Depends on type of visit Yes Yes
Palms Pediatrics 1010 NW 8th Ave., Suite A, 32601 376-8211 Yes All commercial insurances Sliding scale. Self-pay often ranges from $25-$50 per visit Yes for returning patients Yes
Milestones Pediatrics 3780 NW 83rd St, Gnv, 32606 559-8911 All Medicaid plans except for Prestige and Sunshine Health All commercial insurances except for Aetna and ASMED Prices vary Yes Yes
Worthington Pediatrics 5528 NW 43rd St., 32653 371-3604 No All commercial insurances Prices vary Yes for returning patients Yes

Frequently Asked Questions for Clinic Visits during COVID-19

1. Is Equal Access Clinic Network still hosting Pediatrics Night?

  • Currently, all EAC sites are closed due to COVID-19, including Pediatrics Night at Bartley Temple. However, we are offering telehealth visits for returning patients. If your child has been seen at Equal Access Clinic before, you can request an appointment for them by clicking here.

2. Do my child and I need to wear masks if we have a clinic appointment?

  • This is not required but is strongly encouraged if you have a mask

3. How many family members can accompany my child to their clinic visit?

  •  Children are encouraged to come with only one parent if possible to any clinic visit

4. What safety measures have the above clinics put in place to protect my child and I from contracting COVID?

  •   All providers wear masks
  •   Nurses are evaluating patients at the door- taking their temperature, etc.
  •   Rooms are thoroughly cleaned between patients
  •   Most clinics separate sick and well child visits by clinic room or time of day

5. What types of appointments are done via telehealth?

  •   Emergent and urgent consults
  •   Sick visits
  •   Prescription refills
  •   Allergies
  •   Minor trauma (cuts, scrapes)

6. How do I use Zoom?

Click here for Zoom Instructions

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Child Care and School Information

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