Spanish Night

Here’s everything you need to know about our Spanish Night:


Who to refer:

  • Spanish-speaking patients (can be see at other clinics as well, but Spanish-speaking staff and clinicians are guaranteed to be present at Spanish Night).


  • Second Monday of each month at 5:30pm


  • Anthem Road Church
    2902 SE 75th Street

How to refer:

  • Walk-ins only


Who: Spanish Night Med Officers:

  • Tory Finley, Spanish Services Coordinator
  • Paola Treejo, Tower Road, Spanish Night Coordinator

When: Second Monday of every month, 5:30 pm

Where: Anthem Road Church at 2902 SE 75th St

Patient Eligibility and Referral

  • Walk-ins are accepted.

How are appointments made

  • Currently, this night accepts only walk-ins, please encourage patients to come to clinic early to be seen

Services Offered

  • Standard primary care services offered at Tower Road clinic with guarantee that Spanish-speaking staff and clinicians are present

What if my patient needs something not offered above?

  • Spanish Night officers will determine how to refer the patient to a place that can provide the care they need