Physical Therapy


Who to refer:

  • Chronic pain patients, acute injury patients, recent injury, postsurgical, neurological disorders, and preventative care


  • Thursdays 5-8pm


  • 1621 SW 13th Street, above the CVS

Patient Eligibility and Referral

  • Treatment is appointment-based either in person or telehealth
  • In Florida, patients can be treated by a physical therapist without a referral for up to 30 days. After this time, however, you will need a referral from a physician, nurse practitioner, or other licensed medical professional. (Referral Form Link)

Services Offered

  • UF Physical Therapy Equal Access Clinic offers free Physical Therapy services to people unable to afford treatment elsewhere. We accept walk-in patients every Thursday from 5-8pm (excluding University holidays).
  • We provide Physical Therapy evaluation and treatment, follow-up treatment visits, blood pressure and strength/flexibility screenings, referrals to specialists, and emergency medical referrals.
  • We treat everyone in need of therapy care including; recent injury, postsurgical, preventative care, etc.
  • Unfortunately, due to special oversight requirements, we are not able to treat pediatric patients. If you believe you have a special consideration we need to be aware of, please do not hesitate to call our information phone number or email us.

What if my patient needs something not offered above?

  • Patients will be referred to clinics that offer the services they require.

Contact information