LGBT Clinic

Here’s everything you need to know about our LGBT Clinic:


Who to refer:

  • Patients who identify as LGBT who either have LGBT-related health concerns or feel more comfortable receiving care in a clinic with LGBT-trained providers


  • First and Third Tuesday of each month starting at 5:30pm.


  • Eastside clinic
    410 NE Waldo Road

How to refer:

  • Walk-ins welcome
  • Appointments accepted, can be made through the Eastside schedule on Practice Fusion


Who: Co-officers are Thomas Reilly and Miranda Reid. Co-coordinators are Monica Rodriguez-Fernandez and Matt Johnson.

When:  First and Third Tuesday of the month. Patients are seen starting at 5:30 and walk-ins are encouraged to arrive before 6 pm.

Where: UF Eastside Clinic at 410 NE Waldo Road

Patient Eligibility and Referral

  • Walk-ins are accepted.
  • Sometimes specialty referrals are made through WeCare, which requires patients to be a documented US citizen and resident of Alachua county.

How are appointments made

  • Walk-ins are welcomed
  • Appointments can be made for patients on the Eastside schedule

Services Offered

  • Specially trained providers in LGBT health
  • General healthcare concerns
  • Physical exams
  • Point-of-care testing for HIV, rapid strep, pregnancy, A1c, etc
  • Other labs such as metabolic panels, lipid panels, other STI testing, etc. through quest diagnostic
  • Initiate and follow-up patients on¬†hormone replacement therapy
    • Initiation requires prior psych consult at this time
    • How to safely inject testosterone
  • Referral for specialty care, imaging.

What if my patient needs something not offered above?

  • Clinic staff will work the patient to try to find what they need

Contact Information

  • LGTB Night Coordinators: Matt Johnson ( and Monica Rodriguez-Fernandez (
  • LGBT Night Officers: Miranda Reid ( and Thomas Reilly (
  • Eastside Clinic Director: Alyssa Nielsen (