Dental Clinic

Here’s all the information you need for our dental clinic:


Who to refer:

  • Patients with acute dental pain who may require fillings/extractions


  • 1-2 Tuesdays each month (exact date decided monthly)


  • Gainesville Community Ministries
    238 SW 4th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601

How to refer:

  • Appointments only
  • No action required – patients are automatically screened at intake. Patients are triaged and contacted by Dental Clinic staff. RedCap is assessed on a bi-weekly schedule to see an updated list of patients who are referred to the Dental Clinic.
  • Internal Staff may call the Dental Clinic Line
  • For emergency referrals (acute pain): refer the patient via the clinic navigator.
    • We only offer extractions and restorative fillings for patients with pain, those needing root canals or other forms of dental procedures will be referred to other local clinics


Who: HOQI Coordinator is Andrea Nazari

  • Phone number: 352-389-5415 (Dental Clinic line)
  • Email:

When: 1-2 Tuesdays per month, to be decided each month

Where: At Gainesville Community Ministries at 238 SW 4th Ave Gainesville, Florida 32601

Patient Eligibility and Referral

  • Walk-ins are not accepted.
  • All patients must have been seen in the EACN primary care clinics and have an active Practice Fusion account. Each patient at a primary care site should have been asked if 1) they are interested in receiving dental care, and 2) if they are currently experiencing dental pain (as per the intake form). From there, all patients that mark yes to either question on their intake form will be contacted by Dental Clinic staff
  • If a patient is already in the EACN system and suddenly begins having dental issues, they do NOT have to go back to a primary care clinic. EACN staff can call Dental Clinic staff directly (via above phone number) to refer this patient once they have ensured the patient has an active Practice Fusion file
  • Patients who are experiencing dental pain (whether indicated on intake form or by direct referral) will be put to the front of the list in order to alleviate pain, then patients who are interested in dental care will be contacted after patients in pain
  • Appointments are made by dental coordinators contacting the patients at the top of the list one week before the upcoming clinic date
  • Once scheduled, patients are reminded of their appointment 3 days before clinic and again the day before clinic
  • If a patient calls to cancel their appointment at least one day before clinic, they can be rescheduled for the next clinic date. If the patient does not show up to their appointment and does not provide any reason for doing so, they will not be rescheduled again. This is because the current patient list is over 300, so we cannot afford to be making special excuses for patients who do not show up when they are scheduled

Services Offered

  • Complete oral exams
  • X-rays
  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Periodontal Cleanings

What if my patient needs something not offered above?

  • This clinic offers limited cleanings for patients requiring extensive restorative procedures. Patients will be referred out for maintenance care.  To find affordable cleanings, please refer patients to Santa Fe Hygiene School.
  • Other options:
    • UFCD Student Oral Surgery Clinic (Walk-in Clinic). Contact 352-273-6705. It is located at D1-108
    • UF Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic. Contact 352-273-6731 for patient referrals, appointment information, insurance questions, and other clinical inquiries. It is located at D1-108.
    • ACORN Dental Clinic. Located at 23320 FL-325 Brooker, FL, 32622. Offers sliding scale fees. To make an appointment, contact 352-485-2772.

Contact Information

  • HOQI Coordinator Andrea Nazari:
  • Dental Clinic Director External Affairs Alexandra Davila:
  • Dental Clinic Director Internal Affairs Nikola Skakavac:
  • Dental Clinic Phone: 352-389-5415