EACN Spring 2021: Specialty Clinic Coordinator Application

Published: January 4th, 2021

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Equal Access Clinic Network is pleased to open Executive Board positions to our medical student volunteers!

Our officers are invaluable members to our team as they are our first line responders to a patient population often unfunded/uninsured and left without recourse. Our patients rely on these officers to keep clinic open and flowing smoothly providing a seamless experience from start to finish. This unique experience truly allows you the opportunity to positively impact someone’s life by caring for their health and well-being. Application is DUE on January 17th @ Midnight!

Please contact our External Affairs Directors, Shreya Chidarala (nchidarala@ufl.edu) or Patrick Donabedian (donabedian@ufl.edu), if you have any questions.

EACN Spring 2021 Clinic Leadership Application: Specialty Clinic Coordinators

  • Position Descriptions

    We have a number of specialty nights located at our primary care sites and each clinic has decided to designate one of the coordinators to also run the specialty night. Spanish Methodist hosts Spanish Night, Eastside hosts LGBTQ Night and Bartley Temple hosts Pediatrics Night.
  • Women's Clinic Coordinator - Main Street

    Women’s Night is held the first Thursday of every month at Main St. Clinic. We are looking for an officer to handle all of the duties required of the Women’s Night clinic and work with our team on any new initiatives to expand the women’s health services provided by our clinic. These include but are not limited to: attendance at Women’s Night, communicating/coordinating with the Women’s Night attending, inputing lab results to database and keeping in contact with patients about their results and follow up, driving test specimens to the lab (~10 minutes away) the next morning. This position is perfect for anyone considering Women’s Health as a career. Operating under the Main St. "umbrella,” we expect officers to complete some cross-training of regular clinic duties.
  • LGBTQ Clinic Operations Coordinator - Eastside

    LGBTQ night functions as a safe space for LGBTQ-identifying individuals without health insurance to seek care. It is open on the third Tuesday of every month at Eastside EACN. If you are interested in applying for one of the two available officer positions, please complete your application with specific detail as to why you would like to work for this speciality clinic.
  • Additional coordinator positions available:

  • Rheumatology Clinic Coordinator - Eastside

  • Dermatology Clinic Coordinator - Eastside

    For position-specific questions, please contact Laura Towery (ltowery@ufl.edu).
  • Pediatrics Night Director - Bartley Temple

    For position-specific questions, please contact Rachel Gilbert (rgilbert1648@ufl.edu) and Taylor Merritt (tayloranne2323@ufl.edu).
  • Positions Currently Available

    Please rank the positions that you would be willing to fill below. DO NOT rank positions you would not accept. You will have to opportunity to explain if you would rank anything equally.
  • Applications are due Sunday, January 17, 2021 at Midnight.