EACN Spring 2021: Clinic Director & Senior Operations Officer Application

Published: January 4th, 2021

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Equal Access Clinic Network is pleased to open several clinic director and specialty night director positions to our medical student volunteers!

Our officers are invaluable members to our team as they are our first line responders to a patient population often unfunded/uninsured and left without recourse. Our patients rely on these officers to keep clinic open and flowing smoothly providing a seamless experience from start to finish. This unique experience truly allows you the opportunity to positively impact someone’s life by caring for their health and well-being. Application is DUE on January 17th @ Midnight!

Please contact our External Affairs Directors, Shreya Chidarala (nchidarala@ufl.edu) or Patrick Donabedian (donabedian@ufl.edu), if you have any questions.

EACN Spring 2021 Clinic Leadership Application: Clinic Directors & Senior Operations Officers

  • Position Descriptions

  • Primary Care Clinic Director

    Clinic directors are tasked with running the Primary Care clinics and managing clinic operations officers and coordinators. This position may require frequent attendance at the clinic site. In order to advise clinic officers, clinic directors are expected to be familiar with tasks including introducing new student volunteers on clinic procedures, collaborating with undergraduate (HOQI) volunteers, aiding students with the referral process, clinic documentation, clinic set up/clean up, ordering clinic supplies and any other tasks that need to be completed for clinic to run smoothly. Weekly schedule is as follows: Tower Road - Mondays, Eastside - Tuesdays, Bartley Temple - Wednesdays, and Main Street - Thursdays.
  • Ophthalmology Clinic Director

    Ophthalmology Clinic is held the last Tuesday of every month at Healthstreet. The Ophthalmology clinic provides complete eye exams, community screenings for common eye pathology (diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, retinal diseases), and work up of acute eye complaints. Faimiliarity with ophthalmology clinic operations is expected - these include but are not limited to: orienting medical students to an ophthalmologic work up, overseeing clinic documentation, coordinating clinic flow, and addressing patient care needs. This position is perfect for anyone considering ophthalmology or a surgical subspecialty as a career.
  • Senior Operations Officers

    The role of Senior Operations Officer is open to any rising MS3/MS4s who are able to volunteer their time at the respective clinics (Tower Hill, Eastside, Bartley Temple, Mainstreet) during their clinical years. We understand that time is extremely limited as an MS3/MS4, but we are introducing these roles to improve officer continuity within individual clinics, improve clinic flow and bridge the gap between MS2 clinic coordinators and MS4 directors.
  • Positions Currently Available

    Please rank the positions that you would be willing to fill below. DO NOT rank positions you would not accept. You will have to opportunity to explain if you would rank anything equally. Please contact our External Affairs Directors, Shreya Chidarala (nchidarala@ufl.edu) or Patrick Donabedian (donabedian@ufl.edu), if you have any questions.
  • Due Sunday, January 17, 2021 at Midnight